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Hey everyone~

It's Riarri, and, after discussion, we're bringing back the Theme of the Week.
The deadline has been changed to 2 weeks, which means this will end on November 5th, to give time for our writers to be inspired. :meow:

Your theme this week is tranquility.

The dictionary defines 'tranquility' as a state of calm or quietude, and admittedly, tranquility is something everyone needs once and a while. The basic idea is always the same, but there are always different aspects and opinions about what exactly tranquility is. For some, it may be a cup of coffee on a stormy afternoon, or even a light nap to refresh thoughts. Be sure to express your tranquility through your writing.

For those who haven't participated before, the Theme of the Week is an opportunity to write about a set theme, in this week's case it is ambition. Surprise us and submit it to the 'Theme of the Week' folder to enter, the best entries will be featured alongside some of your other work!

Happy Writing~!! :D
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Submitted on
October 22, 2012